Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kinect Kiosk Progress Update

I had been working on designing a simple interface for the kinect kiosk that provides access to information about various.  It's seperated into several areas, 'About', 'Projects' and 'People', which can be navigated between.

Also since my last post, my computer broke, and I got a new computer (yay), but had to reinstall and recover all my data.  I've been having trouble setting up the develpment environment to work and compile my kinect application, so this has been a priority.

For my reading, I have been learning a bit about the AIML system, javascript, and Kinects new face tracking features.  At the moment, it allows me to set answers to key words or phrases, provided by the speech input element.  It does not work well when typing in questions though, as it check for new input every few seconds.

Because the AIML keywords are quite simple in keywordsand patterns that it picks up on, this could be used to navigate the Kinect Kiosk page with voice.  Likewise, the avatar can react to the user talking accessing certain information via touch.

Kinect Face Tracking features in the new SDK release could solve problems I have been having with OpenCV's face classifiers to tracking faces.

I will update when I get the kinect application working again.

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