Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kinect Face Tracking

So lately I've been trying to use the Kinect face tracking, as opposed to OpenCV's face tracking algorithms. OpenCV didnt work as well with the Kinect as I had hoped, and the Face Tracking Library for Kinect gave a clear cut example of implementing face tracking with the Kinect device.  So I have got an implementation that tracks the face, and outputs its position to a text file.

The next goal (which I have done a bit of work on already) is to write some javascript to update the face and detect states of conversation.  Updating the face with AJAX is not complicated, however resolving conversation to states in conversation is going to require more thought. Each state should match some clearly defined criteria for conversation.

My other objective while I am programming javascript, is to make the system navigate for the user, when they ask certain questions directed at LATTE in general, Projects, and People.

Kinect for Microsoft SDK (Face Tracking)

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